It is simple as its name; the webinar is an online seminar. In comparison to the webinar, an in-person meeting is where you meet your participants physically. Due to this pandemic, the world faces from 2019 every institute has switched from in-person meetings to webinar meetings. 

Higher authorities are thankful for the technology that gives a more efficient way of holding meetings than in-person meetings. Following are a few reasons that why webinar meetings are having more advantages than in-person meetings. 

Advantages of Webinar Meetings

  • The topmost advantage of conducting a webinar meeting is that it is less expensive than an in-person meeting. You do not need to have a rental place to work session, plus there is no cost you must pay to your participants for their travel and catering if they are coming from outside.
  • The second advantage of having a webinar meeting is that you do not need to go out in today’s contagious environment with a high risk of getting infected. 
  • Another significance of holding a webinar meeting is that it is flexible in tailoring your business requirements. In contrast, in-person meetings need the right platform and tools, which is sometimes hectic. 
  • Moving forward with another significant feature of a webinar meeting is expandable. When we talk about expandability, you can have more attendees, which helps you promote your brand efficiently. In comparison, the in-person meeting has a limited number of seats for attendees. 
  • Webinar meeting offers many tools like Q/As, polls, live chat, and online resources. It engages more attendees to participate without hesitation. Whereas in the in-person meeting, most of the time, participants are scared to raise queries. 
  • In addition to the advantages of the webinar meeting, it has crashed the geographical barrier. Not a single penny will be used in attending a webinar meeting. All you need is a laptop or a mobile and fast internet. With a single click, you will be part of a webinar meeting holding at any corner of the world. 
  • Besides all other advantages, it is effortless to have a guest speaker at a webinar meeting. And which is a bull’s eye to engage more participants in the conference. It will not only add credibility to your presentation but also enhance the value of your meeting. On the other hand, while conducting an in-person meeting, it hard to find a guest speaker because of their busy schedule and other significant hurdles. 

Disadvantages Of Webinar Meeting

In the light of our comparison between webinar meetings with in-person meetings, the webinar meetings weigh more on the scale. Even though it is more powerful to have a webinar meeting instead of an in-person meeting, there are still few disadvantages of a webinar meeting. 

Following are the few disadvantages of a webinar meeting. 

Above all is lack of internet facility. When you try to engage your workers, who are residing in a remote area, it is difficult for them to have a fast internet connection that helps them attend the meeting without losing connection. Moving further, while attending a webinar meeting, you can get easily distracted by the pop-ups of either emails and friend-request or by the chat window that opens during the session. As a result of having more webinar meetings, it is tiresome for people not to have business vacations. The chance of having a business vacation makes employees enthusiastic and energetic to participate in different event activities. 

Overall, it is visually apparent that webinar meetings are more beneficial and effective in comparison to in-person meetings in terms of expenses, professionalism, delivering your leadership skills, and much more. Are you ready to host a webinar meeting?

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