What are the top traits of the IT field and service desk Engineer? Are you working as an IT field engineer? Or are you giving your services as a service desk engineer in a company? Do you know about the skills and abilities that are essential for your success and a good reputation? Let us discuss the top traits of both kinds of engineers that are a must for a smooth journey towards prosperity.

First, we will discuss the top traits of an IT field and service desk engineer. Then, just like the title field engineer, you travel from place to place for your services. Field engineer must be:

  • Able to work independently: When you go out in the field, you will encounter different people with different levels of communication. So, you must work independently, with proper time management, and keep the customer’s demands in mind, as you are a one-person show. Self-motivation is highly recommended because you are answerable to customer’s questions in a logical manner. 
  • Excellent in communicating with people: You don’t always have to work independently, sometimes you have to work as a team in a field. When you work as a team, you have different people with different skills and personalities, which means various opinions. Therefore, it will help if you have patience and empathy to listen to all viewpoints and make decisions.
  • Detail Oriented: Being a field engineer, while visiting, you encounter new kinds of equipment. It is strongly recommended to take notes and images for configuration, and it will also help you complete your task on time.
  • Being resourceful: While working in the field, you have to face unexpected issues, and you have to ensure that these issues are fixed permanently. For instance, your users must not be without a connection longer than the required time if you work with cables or network installation. 
  • Passion for learning:  Technology is changing rapidly. As a field engineer, you are a keen researcher for current information and adaptable. You know new and innovative ways to do your work because old times and techniques are not compatible with today’s technology.
  • Patience and stress management: Well, it is not necessary that you have a smooth working track, and everything will work according to your plan. Sometimes situation unavoidably changes that will make you panic. When the problem is unpropitious, and you must show your best, this is the time for your imperturbable side to take the situation in hands. Once you have demonstrated your skills working under tremendous stress, you are more likely to be hired next time. 
  • Punctuality: It is one of the best qualities of a higher-flier. Punctuality and before time is the key to achieve higher targets in life. You know your schedule; when is the entry time of the site, how much time you need to reach the place? Make your timetable, set reminders on your cell phone, and get set go. You have a good impression on your client if you reach your working site before the given time. 
  • Looking forward to reviews: No one likes to hear complaints from the customers. However, when you enter the fieldwork, you learn lessons from your clients’ good and bad reviews. In addition, these reviews help you in your professional growth.
  • Professional: Lastly and most importantly, you must deliver your concerns in a polite, considerate, professional way. Your client has given you the keys of his realm, and he is not happy and satisfied with you; he will not look forward to having you in his kingdom next time. But, if your client is contented with your professional manners, he will surely call you again when he needs help. 

There is a long list of essential traits for an IT field and service desk engineers, and here we have discussed the top qualities necessary for a top-notch IT engineer. 

Moving ahead, now it is time to view the qualities of clients’ favorite IT service desk engineers. IT service desk engineers help users use new technology, backing up and storing data, maintaining OS, and providing technical support through the internet or phones. 

However, an IT service desk engineer is the epitome of: 

  • Giving high value to customers: When working as a service desk engineer, you know that you must prioritize your customer’s call. Therefore, you have to be an empathic, keen listener (as they are clueless about what has happened with their system), patient, sincere towards their issue, and ensure that you will resolve the problem on priority. 
  • Communication and problem-solving skills: Your client has no idea what is going on with the system while working on it. If you have the communication skill to ask simple questions to reach the root cause of the client’s problem and try to relax them until you solve the issue, their workflow will run smoothly. 
  • Effectively work under pressure: You have a massive responsibility of maintaining a free flow of network service of an entire workplace, which means you have much pressure on your nerves to run everything effectively. Therefore, it is entirely your responsibility to focus observantly on your task without hindrance.
  • Support experience: You don’t need to be an alone desk service engineer in a firm. Mostly, firms have more than one IT desk service engineer, which means either you need your fellow engineer’s support in time of trouble, or they need your assistance. When you have a situation to work in as a team, try to collaborate effectively and intentionally. 
  • Learning capacity: Technology is making progress by leaps and bounds. Working as an IT desk engineer is your topmost responsibility to learn new techniques and apply them to better performance of the company’s users. 
  • Meeting performance standards and feedback: Set the goal as an IT desk engineer and try to meet the performance standards expected by your client. Take input from the company’s users and keep upgrading your accomplishments. Clients usually look forward to having an IT desk engineer who is willing to meet performance standards. 
  • Time management: Finally, time management, you complete your to-do maintenance list without disturbing your end-users, is your success. Time management will help you achieve your daily tasks smoothly and before time. 

Summing up, the top qualities we have discussed recharge the effectiveness, maximize the promotion chances, and upgrade the excellent reputation of an IT field and service desk engineer. They will also help you in every area of life, even if you are willing to switch from your current position and ready to take a new flight.

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