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Rollouts & Migrations

  • We do a wide range of rollouts & migrations planning and offer complete support 24/7 according to business and user needs. Our rollouts & migrations methods are fast and efficient. And we ensure all upgrades are up-to-date. All the services that we provide are of high quality.
  • Some of our significant activities include to
    • Create a new system image
    • Deploy new systems
    • Manage the data migration
    • Manage desktop refresh
    • Install new systems and carry out image maintenance
    • Operating systems refresh
  • Significantly, we are aiding our clients in rolling out globally by making their local system available in a region or even worldwide. We give your life-ending laptops and desktops a new life. TQS promise to gives 24/7 support. whenever you need to upgrade your system we are there to support you. 
    1. Our skilled engineers are proficient in laptop rollout, building a support system, decoding and deploying hardware. Freeing up memory to accomplish another task. 
    1. Want to upgrade from previous windows? Feel confident in contacting our team. We expertly not only upgrade your windows but also retain your applications. All the data and directories will be moved from previous windows to the upgraded ones.  
    1. Migrating files on a large scale and setup that users’ accounts, users’ files, operating system, and application settings are exactly migrated.