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What’s New In 2021

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What’s New in 2020-21: A slew of new enterprise servers were launched in 2020 backed by new processing power to give modern data centers and enterprises next-generation server capabilities ideal for modern application workloads such as AI and Kubernetes.

From new Nvidia chips to flash storage technologies, new servers launched this year from the likes of market leaders such as Dell Technologies, Lenovo and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, as well as smaller players like Bamboo Systems and Penguin Computing, is revolutionizing the performance and workload abilities a server can provider. Servers continue to be the base on which data centers are built on.CRN breaks down the ten hottest new enterprise servers launched in 2020.

Bamboo Systems B1000N

Bamboo Systems’ new Arm-based B1000N 1U server is based on its Parallel Arm Node Designed Architecture (PANDA). PANDA-based servers use embedded systems methodologies designed to run modern microservices-based workloads. while consuming minimal energy and delivering the density needed for high throughput computing. Bamboo’s B1000N features a modular blade design that allows for flexible swapping of any blade and choice of component.

The server has NVMe SSD storage up to 8-TB per compute node and 32-TB per blade. Each B1000N server can be configured with either one or two blades in 1U, with each blade containing four compute nodes and a nonblocking embedded L3 switch exposing dual 40-Gbit QSFP uplink ports.